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Most of you would like to know the difference between wordpress and blogger. New users get confused if blogger compared to wordpress is more suitable for their purposes.
The articles cited on and other related sites will give you lots of information regarding the technical details of both. In this write-up, let’s have a detailed comparison between wordpress and Blogger.
Comparison between and Blogger
Wordpress hosting provider allows you to host your site. You are the owner and can decide everything about the site. It is up to you to decide when to put the site into operation, when to close it down, how many people can access the site, what should be displayed on the site etc. You have complete control over the site.
Blogger Is owned by Google. You need Google’s permission to run the service. Although you will be able to add contents freely, the major decisions will always be taken by Google. As Google is the primary decision factor, you cannot decide when to shut it down. You can also lose your access to the site if you do not abide their regulations.
Wordpress allows you access to thousands of templates. You can customize the template to match your website theme. You can create an original professional site with the help of the options provided in WordPress.
Blogger, on the other hand, does not allow you to create a layout of your own. There are only a few templates that you can use. Although the inbuilt tools enable you to modify the template slightly, you cannot change or alter it completely. There are limitations to improving the appearance.
The plug-ins provided in plenty by WordPress allows you to extend the features as you like. You can modify the control options and also add a store to your website using WordPress. The options to include new features are unlimited as this is an open source platform.
Blogger has limitations as it is mainly controlled by Google. You will not be able to include, modify or eliminate the features as per your requirement. You can bring in amendments to the BlogSpot only to a limited extent.
Wordpress allows you the liberty to move your website to any host at any time. You can change the domain name, shift to other management systems, modify the purpose or nature of the website whenever you like. You are given complete freedom to take all the decisions regarding portability of the website.
Blogger is not so lenient. The process of shifting your website from Blogger to another site is very complicated. Even if you do manage to shift it eventually, the contents of your site will remain with Google searches for a long time.
The above are some of the most important points to be considered while deciding whether you should adopt WordPress or blogger. It is always necessary to stay updated on technical details to know about the different platforms that are evolving today. So make sure you take the time to research well on what is best for your website.

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