With the passage of time, the various search engines have started using even more complex algorithms for the return of the search results. So much so that in the current scenario quite often the search results for two web surfers using the exact same search words might be hugely different. In fact, in many cases, there are no similarities in the search results except a few generic returns even though the exact same keywords have been used. This is called personalization of the search results for each individual web surfer. In many cases, theses innovations by the various search engines are a major cause of convenience to the web surfers.

This has made both Google marketing and SEM along with SEO on Google a lot more complex but diverse and interesting. Search engines of repute especially Google creates personalized search results for different users by taking into account a lot of factors.
The aim behind the overall scheme of things as far as personalized results are concerned is to provide surfers with the most relevant results. This distinction in personalized results is made using factors such as country, region, prior searches and personal web history. These factors along with some other considerations are used for the creation of personalized results. This innovation has been widely appreciated and has made the web a better place.

The distinction in search results based upon countries is a very smart and practical approach to the overall scheme of things. It is a very good idea which has been implemented in an even better manner. It is one of the best ways and means to provide the web surfers with the most relevant results possible. This is because most of the web surfers in a particular country will not be able to relate to the search results which return websites from different countries. This will be a major cause of inconvenience to the web surfer. It will also be a time consuming and hectic process if a web surfer has to find out the relevant results from so many returns.

The distinction in search results based upon the prior web search history of a web surfer is another very smart step towards providing web surfers with better results. This does not interfere with the overall providing of the most relevant search results. This distinction just adds, even more, relevance to the overall search results. Let us face the facts here. In most cases when we type a particular set of search words on a search engine then we are looking for a particular result. Now, if we type the same search words after a few days then it is very likely that we are looking to find the exact same results. Will it not be more convenient if that result is already waiting for our thanks to the distinction based upon past web search?

So, if we analyze the facts mentioned in the above paragraphs then it becomes clear that personalization of search results adds relevance to search results.

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