Most of the business owners are using SEO as the key element for marketing. You should ensure whether you are going in the right track to achieve success. SEO is not a simple process and you need to invest more money. You have different options to measure your SEO process other than ranking report.

You can understand this when you closely observe Google search result page. The SERP’s contain Video pages, image pages and also social result page. You must confirm whether your Nashville SEO Company offers the five methods to measure the performance of your website with good SEO techniques.

In the first method you need to segment, filter and compare your website traffic using Google Analytics. You can segment your traffic and compare it at a different time period. The second method of measurement is using Google webmaster tools that allow you to prepare a filter to reject branded key phrases and star phrases.

The third method focuses on combining web-master tools into Google Analytics by SEO. You can get the report after selecting the queries option in SEO section of Google Analytics. You click the ‘play’ button that shows the top key phrases that creates average traffic and impressions to your website for a particular period.

In the fourth method you must add goals in Google Analytics. This step involves number of people filled your form, tracking the PDF files downloaded using events. You can track your goals using Goal Flow report by segmenting the traffic into non paid search traffic and then you can figure out the traffic by keyword. You can find interesting comparison of data from one period of time to another.

In the last step, SEO experts must offer high end custom report that depicts organic visit and also displaying total goal values and completion details.

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